2013 Crop Budgets for the Nebraska Panhandle

MS Excel Spreadsheet by Robert Klein, Western Nebraska Crop Specialist; Roger Wilson, Farm Management / Enterprise Budget Analyst; Western Nebraska Budgets Developed by Jessica Johnson, Asst. Extension Educator


These budget projections were created using assumptions thought to be valid for many producers in Nebraska. However, each individual farming operation is unique so no budget applies to more than one. These budgets are being released in worksheet format so producers can modify them to match their specific situation. The danger of releasing a tool that can subsequently be modified is that there is no way to verify that no alterations have been made or unrealistic data entered. Therefore, users of this tool are responsible for independently verifying all results prior to relying on them.

Open the spreadsheet -- UPDATED VERSION POSTED MAY 9
(NOTE: you must have Microsoft Excel on your computer to use this spreadsheet)

A tutorial on using the Excel Crop Budget, from Jessica Johnson:

More Economic Information for Panhandle Producers:




Nebraska Crop Budgets 2013 (EC872), includes 53 budgets for 16 crops as well as information on crop budgeting procedures, machinery operation and ownership costs, material and service prices, and a crop budget production cost summary.

This publication was develped and edited by Robert Klein, extension western Nebraska crops specialist, and Roger Wilson, extension farm management/enterprise budget analyst. Contributing to the budgets in their specialty areas were: Robert Wright, extension entomologist; and Tamra Jackson, Loren GIesler, and Stephen Wegulo, extension plant pathologists.